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Why System X?

System X is not a typical wax or sealant, both of which only form a sacrificial shield of protection on the surface. Instead, System X is a true glass coating that bonds into your paint works microscopic pores forming an extremely durable crystal clear high gloss ceramic finish, providing genuine long-term protection.

By utilising proprietary ceramic resin technologies, System X offers incredible protection against damaging environmental fallout, is resistant to friction, heat and solvents, achieves certified 9H hardness and provides incredible resistance against UV and salt water.

System X is an ultra hydrophobic product, which provides a slick and easy to clean barrier against the elements by repelling water and preventing the adherence of contaminants. Regular washing is the only maintenance needed to keep your vehicle and marine craft looking fantastic.

As you can see in the System X videos, this coating demonstrates resistance to almost anything and is tested and guaranteed on aircraft and marine vessels as well as in automotive applications.

System X stands up to the harshest of conditions!




The Advantages

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  • No testing or data available from testing bodies such as SGS to support ceramic coating claims.
  • No certification program to ensure detailers are adequately trained in surface preparation.
  • Product applied without correct surface preparation, potentially reducing the effective life of the product.
  • One product for all application types.
  • Genuine manufacturer with genuine 9H SGS certification available.
  • Only available via certified installation centres.
  • Our installers are paint and gel coat restoration specialists with extensive training in ceramic coating application.
  • Custom formulations for Auto, Marine and Aviation environment specifically formulated for both gel coat and paint.

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Ultra Hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint leaving a high gloss result.

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