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System X represents a bold new evolution in surface protection. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a protective coating far greater than any wax or sealant.

Experience the genuine long term shine and protection of a ceramic coating, that only System X can deliver.

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When examined under a microscope, paintwork has rough surface consisting of peaks and valleys allowing adhesion of dirt and grime. System X seals these valleys and smooths the surface allowing contaminants to wash off easily. What remains is a very hard crystal clear surface, which greatly adds to the overall aesthetic.

This new shatterproof ceramic coating provides outstanding long-term protection over carnauba waxes or polymer sealants while enhancing colour, gloss, and surface refractability.


A new cornerstone in detailing


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Over the last few decades paint protection technology has come a long way.

The innovations in the market can be grouped into three major leaps:


During the last half-century car waxes have ruled the market. Ranging from naturally occurring waxes like carnauba to man-made synthetic waxes. While imparting gloss and a sacrificial barrier of protection their effect is short lived. Environmental hazards quickly break down and remove traditional waxes leaving paintwork exposed to damage


In the last 20 years paint sealants were introduced to the world of paint protection. Typically these sealants are derived from amino functional fluids in the form of polymers. They give a good initial shine, which can last 6 months, sometimes longer. The thin protective coating of this type of product is ineffective when cleaners containing solvents or the corrosive natural chemicals such as those found in birdlime and tree sap contact the surface.


System X - A brand new innovation in paint protection. The no-paste, no-wax formula is specially designed to work on all the latest paint finishes and varnishes. The active ceramic resin binds with complex polymers to provide a thickness and hardness unachievable until now. System X Resin can be used on all exterior paint surfaces including alloys. By bonding into the surface pores and forming an extremely durable semi-permanent coating System X provides genuine long-term protection, which requires no maintenance other than washing.


System X Pro, Diamond, Diamond SS and Max are the choice for automotive applications. Speak to your applicator about which automotive coating is most suitable for your situation.

System X Xtreme SS is the premium choice for Marine.

System X Diamond SS is the premium choice for Aviation.

No, application of System X products is by authorised applicators only. Ultimately, a coating is only as good as the technician applying it, and the quality of preparation performed. The coating system has a unique preparation and application method, which needs to be mastered, and should only be applied after the paint is thoroughly decontaminated and the clear coat levelled. Applying a coating on less than perfect paint will only highlight its flaws. System X applicators are trained in correct preparation techniques.

Yes, System X Resin should be thought of as adding another clear coat to the paints surface. This new clear coat is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. System X is a permanent coating in the same sense that the clear coat on your car is permanent. Eventually the clear coat will wear away over the years; its overall longevity depends on the surface applied to, conditions exposed to and proper application.

System X bonds to your surface, however can be removed by mechanical abrasion which is why it is referred to as semi- permanent.

Upon application and full curing, System X becomes one with the paint, and takes on the properties of the substrate. The importance is not on how thick the coating is but how hard the coating is. Many coating companies make claims about thickness, however thickness has very little if anything to do with how a coating works. System X is an SGS certified 9H coating which cures to 3GPA+ hardness.

All exterior surfaces including paint, metal, stainless steel, chrome, gel coat, plastic composites, exhaust and wheels. Do not use System X on rubber or soft plastics. System X GLASS is formulated for windshields, windscreens, windows, mirrors, and glass headlamps. What is the advantage of System X over polyurethane clear coats? System X provides additional gloss and protection over clear coats. The ceramic resin bonded coating helps contaminants slide off easily, which give them less time to eat into the surface. An added plus is the ease of cleaning your vehicle. An easy way to think of it would be that System X is the equivalent of another, harder and glossier clear coat layer.

After System X has been applied we advise washing with only PH neutral products. The use of automated car washes is not recommended.

Yes, if desired waxing and sealing over System X won’t damage the coating. Let System X coating cure for at least 3 days before applying another product.

Remove bird waste as soon as possible. We advise saturating the dropping with a microfibre cloth and allowing to soak for a couple of minutes and then wiping off. (Do not scrape off)

This will happen over time due to eventual buildup of contaminants (like every other coating). Just clean the surface with a mild cleaner and wash off thoroughly with water. The hydrophobic effect is then reproduced.

System X can be applied over any factory decals and will add gloss to your emblems.

System X will be dry to touch within 15 minutes, at which point the vehicle is ready to drive/use. Over the next 3 days System X will continue to become harder until the surface reaches 3 GPa+ hardness.

Yes, you may apply System X to carbon fiber shields, panels, and parts.

Yes, the product is safe to apply to car, truck, and motorcycle mufflers and pipes. System X withstands temperatures over 1000 degrees.

See how System X can protect your investment!

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